Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 Poems from 2003

the great killers have always emerged from a similar set of conditions: a solitary lifestyle, abandoned at birth, an aquatic environment, a restless, wandering nature, constant, sleepless nights, the actual inability to breath in stasis, flexible cartilage skeletons and denticle exterior to reduce friction.

the great killers have always shared a similiar psychology: minimal introspection, a need to keep moving and (unable to pivot the head or torso laterally) not to look back.


A necessary development in ichthyology

the proxemics of fish will require your complete goddamn attention. no longer will the aqueous motions of teleostei continue unaccounted for. in the past perhaps we have been lax - foolish - as recent events have made us all too aware. now is a time for specifics, for the exhaustive cataloging and analysis of the individual gesticulations of fish; the way their fins, gills, and various tissues pass seamlessly through the water; the way the water parts for them and closes in behind; the icebreaking and tugboating of the fish itself, as if it were pulling a barge of water through the ocean.


attempting at once to bypass the brain, to perceive from the stem directly.

a subsidence of thought, of the method of approaching thought, of the causal and ritual sequence involved in the process of thought. a motion towards architectural disintegration, the horizontals as well as the verticals. an anarchy of joints unsutured. taking as its end the fatal agitation of subcranial frequencies, the oneiric alongside the sentient. to be sure a lengthy process - at once unpopular and incommunicable - derelict of salable qualities, yet yielding semantic and syntactic liberation, the unmitigated experience of reality, as with "any of a large genus of naked rhizopod protozoans" to quote the founding fathers in their sparse and brutal eloquence.


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