Saturday, December 11, 2010

Faces of Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square is my favorite area in Seattle. It's the only place that has that tight, old world feel: walkable streets, vaguely post industrial buildings, cobblestones and brick, water towers looming ominously on the roofs of buildings, art walks and homeless people, the feeling that someone might jump out from an alley and rob you at knife point, alleys, the old and a little of the new. It's interesting; it has story. Its textures are rich with innuendo and suggestion.

This alley inspired this photo shoot. I really like how it frames the modern addition that mends these two brick buildings. It's something you can't just out and come upon. You would never want to actually enter the building, stand in its (surely) elegant lobby. There's something to catching it through the alley as you're walking by, beyond tube steel stairs, elevated loading docks, octopus gas meters and a woman talking on her cell phone.

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